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The Torah Classics Library division of the American Jewish Legacy reprints classic works of American rabbis, newly annotated and indexed. Many of these works are virtually unknown and unavailable to the Jewish scholars of today.

Torah Classics Library


"Yad Halevi", On Maimonides' "Sefer Hamitzvos" And "Moreh Nevuchim"

Price: $55.00*

Hebrew, 2 volumes, 590 pages, Published 1923-1927.

Authored by Rabbi Yitzchak Simcha Hurewitz of Hartford, Connecticut, with an introduction and analysis by Rabbi Joshua Hoffman-Research Associate for the Torah Classics Library

The "Degel Israel Torah Journal"

Price: $50.00*

Hebrew and Yiddish, 1 volume, 670 pages, with comprehensive indices of rabbis, organizations, businesses, cities, etc.

Published in New York between 1927 and 1930. A reprint of all issues of this Yiddish and Hebrew monthly Torah Journal, published by Degel HaRabbonim Rabbinic Association. Issues focus on Jewish events throughout the world and America; the plight of “Agunot”; Rabbinic responsa; kosher advertisements of the day; and other topics. With an introduction by Professor Moshe D. Sherman for the Torah Classics Library.
 eisenstadt.jpg eisenstadt_001.jpg
"Kovetz Sifrei Benzion Eisenstadt"

Complete Historical Works of Rabbi B.Z. Eisenstadt

Hebrew, 2 volumes, 1200 pages with indices, photos, and introduction

A compendium of 19 independent compilations authored by the well known American Jewish bibliographer and rabbinical historian, Rabbi BenZion Eisenstadt, printed between 1895-1941. These classic works contain biographies, photographs, and information pertaining to hundreds of rabbis and community leaders in America and Europe. The existence of many rabbis and their histories are often only known through their listings in these publications. With an introduction by Dr. Moshe Sherman-Associate Professor and Associate Chair Touro Graduate School of Jewish Studies for the Torah Classics Library.

Works include:
  • Dor Rabonov V’Sofrov; Warsaw [1895]
  • Dor Rabonov V’Sofrov, Vol. II; Vilna [1900]
  • Dor Rabonov V’Sofrov, Vol. III; Vilna [1901]
  • Dor Rabonov V’Sofrov., Vol. IV; Vilna [1902]
  • Chovevei Yisroel B’America (Dor Rabonov V’Sofrov, Vol. V); New York [1903]
  • Dor Rabonov V’Sofrov, Vol. VI; New York [1905]
  • Doros Ha’Achronim, Vol. I (aleph-vav); New York [1913]
  • Doros Ha’Achronim, Vol. I (zayin-mem); New York [1914]
  • Doros Ha’Achronim, Vol. I (nun-taf); New York [1915]
  • Doros Ha’Achronim, Vol. II (aleph-lamed); Brooklyn [1917]
  • Doros Ha’Achronim, Vol. II (mem-pei); Brooklyn [1940]
  • Doros Ha’Achronim, Vol. II (tzadek-taf); Brooklyn [1941]
  • Rabbonei Minsk V’Chachameha; Vilna [1838]
  • Doros Yisroel B’America; New York [1917]
  • Anshei Hashem B’Artzos HaBris, Vol. I; Saint Louis [1933]
  • Otzer Hatmonis, Vol. I; New York [1909]
  • Otzer Hatmonis, Vol. II; New York [1915]
  • Reb Eisel Charif; New York [1904]
  • Reb Kloinemas Zev Wizotzky; New York [1904]
    You can purchase these publications at:
Biegeleisen Booksellers
4409 16th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11204
718 436-1165

Or from our office by mail, please contact us here.

* Plus Shipping and Handling


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